Common Problems Encountered by Real Estate Agents

So you work as a real estate agent. You do business wear like a pro. You have your mug on billboards and whatnot; therefore, you’re some kind of a local celebrity, with a pretty recognizable face. Every time you host property tours, it’s more or less a party. Sure, your job’s as fun as it can be. But you’re also aware that it’s not all games and glamor.

Yes, there are challenges for which you need to provide creative solutions. That is if you want to stay on top and beat your competitors who are just as keen to outdo you. Here are some of those challenges and what you can do about them.

Illegal occupants

The worst thing that can happen to a real estate agent is to take prospective clients to a property only to see illegal occupants have taken over. That’s sure to turn off any buyer. Here, it pays to be extra careful.

Sure, you recently checked the property. But sometimes that won’t suffice. You need someone nearby to ocular the place hours before your arrival with clients. It’s also in your best interest to have a squatter or traveler eviction service provider in your contacts.

Stiff competition

As an agent, you compete with other agents. You also compete with online listing portals such as Zoocasa, Homesnap, and Zillow. Realizing you’re against tough competition might frustrate you. Or you can use it to fuel your a-game.

To beat your colleagues, make sure your charm is always turned on when you meet up with potential clients. Match that with your organizational skills and you’re bound for greatness. Meanwhile, as to those listing giants, you’re not entirely powerless against them. Keep in mind that what you provide is a personalized service, not an algorithm. Against AI, you have the advantage of the human touch.

Low inventory

You’ve probably experienced this before. You’re eager to sell, take part in the hectic process of closing a deal. But there are no products to offer. There are not enough sellers for all the agents working in your area. Yes, low inventory is the bane to an agent’s existence.

But there’s a way to work around that problem. One top-of-mind solution is expanding your network. Remember that the success of your profession hinges on your networking capacity. Do not shy away from befriending the local business owners in your area. Or the people at your church. You can even network at a PTA meeting.

Keeping up with tech trends

As earlier mentioned, since online listing portals cropped up, it’s been more challenging for real estate agents to find buyers in the early stages of home hunting. After all, those buyers can easily go online and see the options available to them without consulting with a real estate professional. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Agents already pursuing aggressive online marketing have to contend with shifts in, for instance, SEO marketing best practices.

Here the solution is to ride out these changes. After all, they are beyond your control. Stay on your toes and convince clients that they’re better off working with you than some AI. Make sure you maintain a robust online presence that paints you as a reliable and competent professional.

Building network database

cashflow charts

Well, building a database is not difficult per se. If you’re in the habit of exchanging contact information with the people you interact with, you’re already doing the job. But, ideally, you do not just build a database. You must cultivate it.

That means keeping in touch with your contacts. You cannot expect to receive a warm welcome if you reach out only when you have a favor to ask. Here rapport is key.

Many want to explore a career in real estate as an agent. And that’s understandable given how lucrative the industry is. Once you get a grasp of how the whole thing works, it’s easy to rake in earnings beyond your wildest imaginings. But those rewards come with a price.

You need to be dedicated to your job. More often than not, you will sacrifice time for socializing to focus on your clients’ needs. And that’s part and parcel of this on-the-go profession. Any agent worth his or her salt won’t mind declining Friday night invites just so pertinent papers are taken care of before the deadline.

On top of that, there are challenges to face, such as the ones in this list. Thankfully, they all have their corresponding solutions. All you need is a little creativity and an unwavering can-do attitude.

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