Pointers for Starting a Fresh Juice Shop

Nowadays, people are more cautious about their health. For this reason, they are changing unhealthy behavior and embracing healthy habits. The fresh juice market is growing as a result. Many entrepreneurs are venturing into the fresh juice business. If you are interested in investing in this industry, here are some pointers for starting your fresh juice shop:

Find Your Niche

The fresh juice industry is broad, so you should pick a niche. You can choose to focus on smoothies, organic juices, or energy juices, among others. It is essential to identify a category of juices that you are good at and one that has a strong market.

Create a Business Plan

You should write a business plan to avoid making impulse decisions. Since you have chosen a niche, your project will have strategies that work for your niche. The plan should include your budget, marketing tactics, packaging technology, shop venue, and potential suppliers, among other essential details.

Get Licenses

Before starting your business, you should acquire the necessary licenses and permits. Apply for the licenses and certifications to ensure that your business complies with the government regulations. This will prevent legal issues.

Purchase the Right Equipment


You need to invest in the right equipment if you want to produce quality fresh juices. It is advisable to get the best juicer. Most people invest in low-quality equipment to save money but end up dealing with the high cost of repairs. Also, you should get the right measuring and packaging tools.

You can find quality measuring jugs in New Zealand to take measurements before packaging or serving your customers. Don’t forget to buy straws, decorations, lids, napkins, attractive menus, and cleaning supplies. Having the right equipment and tools will help you serve your customers effectively.

Create Recipes

Creating customized juice recipes will make you stand out from your competitors. You should try different recipes until you find those that will impress your clients. Don’t forget some people love one-flavored juices, and you try to accommodate their needs in your juice shop. Some clients love mixed flavors, while others ask for your exclusive recipes. Therefore, you need to have a variety of choices to satisfy your clients.

Find the Right Supplier

When it comes to fruit juice business, you need to have a reliable fruit and ingredient supplier to ensure your shop has all the essentials at all times. It is crucial to partner with farmers and organizations to get fresh produce. The products you order should match the niche that you chose.

Find a Shop

You should select a strategic business venue. The shop should be in a busy location near a market, mall, or a busy street. You can also choose to bottle your juices and sell them as wholesale to supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, delis, or fitness centers.

A fresh juice business is quite profitable if you do it right. You need to start this business in the right way and apply the right strategies to win clients. This guide gives you smart strategies that can help you run a successful fresh juice shop.

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