Personalising Your Car: What You Need to Get Started

Every car lover’s vehicle is their own pride and joy. Some even love their cars like own flesh and blood. This is how dedicated these people are to their hobbies and passions in life. And like all passionate individuals, they sometimes like to get a little creative and mess around. In the world of cars, this means a personalised vehicle of their own.

Stock Cars Are Not Enough

Stock cars are nice to drive and easy to maintain. Car manufacturers make sure of that. But sometimes, stock specs may not cut it for these car enthusiasts. This is why they want to customise their cars to their heart’s content.

The original factory builds may not live up to their expectations. The power-to-weight ratios may not be right. The torque may be lacking. The suspension may be too stiff or soft to their liking. Even the original paint job may look like an eyesore.

If you harbour the same urge to customise, then this guide is for you.

Are You Going for Form or Function?

This is one question every car owner has to ask themselves. Are you going for aesthetic or raw power? Or both? The choice is up to you, of course.

With form, you will be focusing more on aesthetic changes and upgrades. These include paint jobs and body kit upgrades. With function, car owners will most likely swap out engine parts to increase power.

Looks Matter


When choosing to focus on a car’s looks, it is easy to get lost selecting different parts and accessories. Hundreds of parts to pick from, and even more styles and colours to choose from. Luckily for you, you can always ask help from other car enthusiasts who own a similar car such as yours.

They may have tips on how to improve your car’s cool car with colorful lightinglooks and which parts to get. If you want to be sure, there is always the local dealer to help you sort out the Volkswagen OEM parts you need.

So, whether it be a headlight change, bumper upgrade, or a new spoiler installation, you should always check if it is the right part for your car model. Apart from that, you should have fun customising your vehicle to fit your personality.

Raw Power

Now, when focusing on a car’s performance, you are now entering the more expensive side of car personalisation. If you want speed, you have to invest.

Engine upgrades like a turbocharger or a weight reduction kit can help improve your car’s performance. With these parts, you should be able to satisfy your need for speed. If you want more speed than that, though, you may need to either swap the engine entirely or buy a new car that fits your needs.

Personalising your car means investing in a lot of upgrades and new parts. It will also take some time before everything looks and works the way you want it to be. But, if you are serious in getting the car of your dreams, money and patience should not be a problem for you.

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