Layout Options for Vacation Condo Rentals

For most people taking a vacation, a hotel room is the only accommodation option they know. Although it might aptly fit the needs of a small party, a hotel might not be the ideal choice for families and large parties.

For these vacationers and even small parties looking for an abundant and cozy space, and freedom, a condo rental is the best choice. This rental is also an inexpensive accommodation choice for your vacation.

Those vacationing in Cebu have a range of condos for rent to choose from for their accommodation. The difference in the condos primarily lies in their layout. Here are the layout options you have for your vacation condo.


This layout resembles the common horizontal home and features everything on one floor. Flat-level condos are ideal if you have children and elderly vacationers in your group. They are categorized as studio units or according to the number of their bedrooms.

Studio units are the cheapest rental option you have but come with limited floor space. The units are hence ideal for couples and those vacationing alone. Prices for the other flat-level condo category primarily depend on the number of bedrooms.


This is a multi-level condo layout. The loft is generally found in condos with high ceilings and can be accessed using stairs or elevators.

The bedroom in lofts is open and overlooks the living area below it make it the ideal space for those looking for a non-constricting and airy space. Lofts are however generally used by couples and those vacationing alone since there is minimal privacy.

Bi-Level Condos

These condos have a similar layout to two-story houses. The design generally includes a dining area, kitchen, living room, and bathroom on the first floor and bedrooms on the upper one. The rental price of a bi-level condo is based mainly on the bedrooms’ number.

This is the perfect solution for large families or church and work groups since it offers privacy and abundant space. Some bi-level condos will have one or two bedrooms on the first floor to accommodate those with mobility issues.


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This is located on the uppermost condo floor. It is the most expensive option you have for a vacation condo rental since it has ample space and privacy from even other tenants. Most penthouse rentals have their private elevators, swimming pools among other amenities.

Although costly, it is an ideal choice for large parties that can share the cost and small parties that want to indulge. A penthouse is also the best accommodation in places with scenic views since they offer an unhindered view of the scenery.

From the condo rental options above, you are sure to find one that suits your vacation needs. Most vacationers who opt for condo rentals are looking for a home away from home.

They are hence an ideal choice for those taking vacations for at least a week since they can fully settle in during their vacation. Most condo rentals, in fact, have a weekly rental plan as their minimum.

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