Is Direct-mail Marketing Still a Thing?

Many businesses are so focused on email marketing and SEO marketing that they lose the opportunity of capitalizing on direct-mail marketing. Yes, direct mail as in snail-mailing your promotional materials to your target market. This mail is customized and personalized and all that shenanigans. Do we mean to say that direct mail still has a place in this digitalized world? Of course, it does.

Action Mailing offers different products and services that will allow businesses to reach their target market wherever in the world they may be. No need to prep your own marketing message. Many marketing companies can do this for you. As a businessman, your time matters. You want things to be fast and easy. That’s why you need to invest in direct mailing services. And even more, that’s why you want to reach your market as effectively as possible.

Direct Mail Has a High ROI

Yes, no kidding. Direct mail has a high return on investment. It’s even more effective than paid search and online ads. It only lags behind email and social media marketing, with the latter ahead only by one percentage point. Direct mail services are way cheaper than email and social media marketing, too. If not right, you might even be successful doing direct-mail marketing on your own.

Direct Mail Complements Internet Marketing

direct emailing

No one’s telling you to invest only in direct-mail marketing. But it should be at least part of your marketing scheme. You can advertise your Facebook and Instagram pages through direct mail. Part of the campaign should be to make people aware of your social media presence. You can use direct mail to give out coupons and promote hashtags. The sky’s the limit when it comes to direct-mail marketing.

Direct Mail Targets Ideal Customers

With direct mail, everything is customized and personalized. You can specifically create a marketing message for a group of people or even an individual. You can tailor-fit the content of the mail to suit your recipient’s tastes. Remember to take the time to get to know and research your target customers. The knowledge of who needs your products and services will refocus your marketing efforts.

That said, receiving personalized mail from companies also makes customers feel appreciated. And who doesn’t want that? When your customers feel that you value doing business with them, they will return to you. They will recommend people to you because they want their friends to have the same experience.

Direct Mail Is Easily Trackable

Some marketers make the silly mistake of turning their backs on direct-mail marketing because the results are difficult to track. But this is where they are wrong. There are many ways to track the effectivity of direct-mail marketing. One strategy is to create a unique telephone number that direct-mail receivers can call. Another one is to create a unique landing page so that you can track web visits from your direct-mail clients.

While direct mail is not a no-fail marketing tactic, it’s worth taking a look at. It’s highly targeted. It is the ideal accompaniment to every digital marketing strategy you can think of. It’s also cheaper than many marketing techniques. Basically, it’s a win-win for you and your clients.

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