Is a Home Gym Worth Your Trouble?

Our homes provide us with shelter and protection from the possibly harmful elements of the outdoors. Our homes are a place where we rest and recharge, so we can have the continuous ability to deal with our everyday lives.

Ultimately, attempting to condense the function of a home may lead you to this conclusion: it is a place of comfort where we can take care of ourselves. With that, every homeowner is inclined to make their house a place where they can enact their self-care routines.

One part of how we take care of ourselves within our homes is sleeping. For this reason, we create spaces where we can relax and sleep. Another big thing about taking care of ourselves at home is participating in recreational activities. For this reason, we make game rooms and home theaters.

Now, a universally known way to take care of ourselves is through physical exercise. Being physically active is simply one of the best ways to keep our physical health in shape and can help us avoid multiple chronic diseases.

Although this has since been a known fact, home exercise and home gyms do not seem to be as popular as working out in gyms. It is estimated that around 10 million gym members are scattered across 7.2 thousand fitness clubs in the UK. Meanwhile, in the US, the number of people who have gym memberships went as high as 64.19 million in 2019.

Joining gym clubs still seems to win the popularity contest. But this has slowly been changing over the past year.

The Pandemic and Home Fitness

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be detrimental for a lot of businesses. In the efforts to curb the spread of the virus, we had to stay at home.

Thousands of businesses had to stop their operations. This included gyms and fitness clubs that provided space and equipment for people to exercise.

Since then, there has been a surge in sales for home exercise equipment. Treadmill sales rose by up to 500%, and exercise bike sales grew up to 2000% in mid-2020. This shows how people are still keen on exercising, even at home.

Now that we have been dealing with this pandemic for over a year now, it may be fair to ask if every homeowner should invest in a home gym. Let’s break down what every homeowner should take note of before creating a home gym.

Your Gym at Home

home gym

A gym at home may be very different from your usual fitness centers. Of course, a gym at home can be more accessible to you. You can work out at your convenience and can waste no time and money on transportation.

But being at home also means more distractions that may stop you from exercising. These distractions may include home responsibilities such as chores and taking care of your family. Apart from that, working from home may be an additional distraction that may keep you from exercising as much as you want to.

Also, a home gym may lack the environment and community you get in a fitness center. Although, this does mean that you do not have to deal with the negative interactions you might get in a gym. This makes it perfect for those who like to exercise on their own.


If you are thinking about building a home gym, make sure that you are prepared for the costs that it may entail. These expenditures include exercise equipment and possibly, growth in your electrical bill.


You might also have to think about where to place this small gym in your home. Ideally, you need to have ample and private space to carry out your various physical exercises.

If you have a spare room, such as a guest room, you can try to build your gym there. The space in your basement and garage can also be a good area for your gym to be in. These are typically spacious and can be private as well.

The outdoor space in your yard is also an option. This is good for ventilation but not so much for privacy. But it does have less limiting space compared to an indoor setup.

Ultimately, a spacious house with rooms to spare can give you more allowance in creating a home gym. For aspiring homeowners who would love to have a home gym, make sure to let your mortgage dealer know about this so that you can get the house you need for a home gym.

But undeniably, a home gym can help you be more healthy. At the end of the day, having a home gym is up to a homeowner’s preference and ability to create one. Those who value fitness may lean more on having a home gym than those who do not.

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