Interstate Shipping: What You’ll Need To Know When Shipping Your Car

The United States is known for having 284.5 million cars as of 2019 alone. With the number of vehicles present in the United States, some services cater to drivers and keep vehicles in pristine condition. Historically, cars are known for being one of the indicators of a bustling economy. It’s known that car sales are a significant indicator if a country is about to fall towards recession or recover. But other than being an economic indicator, cars are also tools that we use for our everyday needs. Whether it’s driving to work, buying groceries, or going on a vacation in another city, cars can come in handy in various ways.

However, most businessmen and professionals won’t have the time to just drive a car to another state, especially if it’s days away. Fortunately, there are car shipping services that can handle cars and bring them to your destination.

Why Do You Need To Ship Your Car?

But suppose you have to attend an urgent business venture on the Pacific west coast, but you’re on the east side of the country. If the convention or meeting that you’ll be attending will happen in a couple of days, you don’t necessarily have the time to drive your car, especially since the average distance between the West and East cost is around 3,500 miles (5,632.7 kilometers). Theoretically, the shortest route will take you around four to six days of travel.

Although it might be possible to drive your car from one side to another in a couple of days, there’s a good chance that you won’t have the same energy that you once had when you started your journey. So what’s the best solution to this? Most would say taking a plane to the other side is the best solution. But what about your car? You won’t have to worry about your car since there are interstate car shipping services that are well-versed in shipping cars in vast-distances. If you’re not sure who you should be hiring for the process, you might want to consider following these tips in shipping cars to another state.

But other than covering a good amount of distance, what are some other reasons why you should ship your car? Well, here are some reasons that might pique your interest.

  1. You’re shipping more than one car – Oftentimes, families will have just one car that they’ll use for utilities and transportation. However, companies and businessmen might need multiple cars for logistical purposes. Instead of making multiple trips just to get one car to another state-side, you can have them shipped in bulk.
  2. Relatively cheap – Driving your car from one state to another isn’t just exhausting, but it can also cause problems to your wallet. You’ll be spending on gas, a place to rest, food, and other expenses. When you’re shipping your car to the other side, you’re just handling the shipping cost.
  3. More time for pressing matters – Professionals and businessmen won’t have time to drive a car thousands of miles when they need to get things in order for their business. At the same time, driving can be a potential hazard since there’s always a small chance of getting into accidents.
  4. Less stress – When you’re attending a meeting in another state, the last thing that you want is dozing off from being too tired. Shipping a car is not so stressful since you’re just waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, you’re getting some time to rest and recuperate from your flight.

Managing Documents

car papers

When you’re moving your car from one state to another, it’s important to keep your documents in order. Most car shipping businesses will require you to have all your papers in order right before moving them to another state. This will ultimately depend on the company that you’re contacting.

Having a checklist of the following can help:

  1. Your vehicle’s registration and title of the owner – Most of the time, you’ll need this when getting things in order with the Department of Motor Vehicles. But most shipping companies don’t necessarily need this. The keys and the vehicle will still be part of it.
  2. Driving license – Of course, you’ll need your driving license so that you can have another one issued in the other state. You won’t have to present this to shipping.
  3. Insurance proof – Lastly, you’ll need to show proof that your car is insured while it’s in the shipping process. Although, this isn’t a priority compared to the other two.


When you’re shipping your car to another state, there are a variety of factors that you’ll need to consider. Although there might be a lot of bureaucratic hoops that you’ll need to go through, you have to be patient with the process. When you’re getting it shipped, you have to play the waiting game.

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