How to Make Your Company Anniversary Memorable

A company anniversary is an important social event for any company, both large and small, to celebrate the journey your company is on but also to give employees a chance to socialize. It is an opportunity to grow the company spirit and motivate workers. But it is not easy to organize an event that is at once celebratory but also motivating and memorable. Here are some ideas to make the party a success:

Organize a party

A good idea for the company anniversary is to throw an office party. An office party is effective because it can be adapted to fit your budget. If you have a small budget, it is possible to organize a fun office party in the office lobby. If you have a larger budget, renting a hotel or a bar is a good idea. The office party can either be a cocktail party. If you are decorating the office, try to incorporate fun ideas such as having office games or performers over for some live music. Make sure to order cake to celebrate the occasion. As party favors, you can order merchandise with the company logo to give as gifts and takeaways.

Individually recognize the achievements of employees

It is important to make your employees feel like they are a part of the occasion and an integral part of the office. In your speech, make sure to recognize the achievements of employees. Did a team finish a successful project or launch a new functionality recently? Take the time to call them out and thank them for the job well done. You can also ask each team to nominate a team member who has achieved something lately, and you can mention these people onstage.

Get a motivational speaker

A good way to spice up the event and hold people’s attention is to have a guest speaker or a motivational speaker. You can either invite someone who is a successful entrepreneur or even a successful celebrity. A sports guest speaker is also a good idea as sports guest speakers are bound to keep the audience engaged and interested. You can also invite a board of trustees member or a previous founder to talk about their experience at the start of the company. This will be a relevant speech.

Make it personal

employees raising their hands after a successful project

Don’t just stick to the professional achievements of your employees and colleagues. Make sure that they feel like they are more than cogs in a machine. If someone has recently had a baby, mention this and congratulate them. If someone has recently gotten married, make sure to keep that in mind and meet their spouse. A good way to make it personal is to individually thank your employees and have the office nominate employees of the year.

An office party to celebrate an anniversary is a fun break to get the office reenergized after months of work. It is also a chance for bosses to get to know employees and break professional boundaries to become closer friends.

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