How To Create an Outdoor Oasis & Enhance Renters’ Experience

  • Creating an outdoor oasis improves rental property appeal, attracts more renters, and promotes a homely feeling.
  • Amenities, well-maintained landscaping, and designated seating areas are key to developing an enjoyable outdoor space.
  • Investing in a quality patio can enhance property value and provide an extended living space for tenants.
  • An outdoor oasis encourages healthy living through community gardens, fitness stations, and relaxation areas.

In the world of real estate, the competition can be fierce. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to always be updating their property to stay ahead of the game. But how do you make your rental property experience stand out from the rest? This blog post will discuss why creating an outdoor oasis is essential for your rental property and how you can do it.

How To Attract More Renters

A stunning outdoor space can set your rental property apart from the competition. When renters are looking for a place to live, they want something that will feel like a home, not just a temporary dwelling. Here are some general tips to attract more renters:

Offer Amenities

Amenities can be a significant deciding factor for many renters. Providing amenities such as a beautifully landscaped garden, a well-maintained pool, or an outdoor kitchen can enhance the appeal of your rental property. Not only do these amenities make for attractive listing photos, but they also create a more enjoyable living environment for your tenants.

Focus on Landscaping

The aesthetic appeal of your property can be greatly enhanced by well-thought-out and maintained landscaping. Use native plants to create a lush, green space that requires less water and maintenance. Don’t forget to add elements like an inviting pathway, sprinkler systems for easy upkeep, and outdoor lighting for safety and ambiance.

Add Seating Areas

Creating designated seating areas for renters to relax or entertain friends is also important in creating the perfect outdoor oasis. Investing in quality furniture such as tables, chairs, couches, and even hammocks can be a great way to make your rental property more inviting.

outdoor seating area overlooking a house pool

Invest in a Patio

A well-designed patio can act as an extension of your rental property’s living space, providing an area for tenants to relax, dine, or entertain friends outdoors. Sourcing quality materials and furnishings from trusted patio suppliers can ensure a long-lasting and durable outdoor area that remains attractive throughout the seasons.

This investment not only boosts your property’s appeal but also adds significant value, making it a win-win proposition. For instance, spending $1,000 on a patio can increase your property value to as much as $3,000.

If possible, try to install a patio that is connected to an indoor living space. This can create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors, making it easier for tenants to enjoy your outdoor oasis throughout the year.

patio with roof and seating area

Encourage Healthy Living

An outdoor oasis provides an excellent opportunity for renters to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Spending time outside has been known to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. By creating an outdoor oasis, you can provide a space for your renters to prioritize their health and wellness. Here are things that you can do to show renters that you prioritize healthy living:

Offer a Community Garden

A community garden is a wonderful addition to your rental property that not only adds aesthetic beauty but also promotes healthy living. It provides a space where tenants can plant and cultivate their fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This offers residents the chance to get active, engage with nature, and have access to fresh produce right in their backyard.

Introduce Fitness Stations

Incorporating fitness stations into your outdoor space is a fantastic way to promote health and wellness among your tenants. These stations, equipped with simple, sturdy exercise equipment such as pull-up bars, balance beams, or step-up platforms, can serve as an open-air gym. Tenants can take advantage of this facility to keep fit conveniently within the premises, saving them time and gym membership costs.

Incorporate Relaxation Areas

Creating calm, relaxing areas within your outdoor oasis can significantly enhance the renter’s experience. Think of adding elements like hammocks, swing chairs, or even a Zen garden where they can meditate. You could also install a dedicated yoga space or a quiet reading nook. These relaxation areas provide a sanctuary where renters can unwind, read a book, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the outdoor space.

Creating an outdoor oasis for your rental property provides numerous benefits, such as attracting more renters, increasing rental rates, reducing maintenance costs, impressing future buyers, and encouraging healthy living. Aspiring entrepreneurs should prioritize this investment for their properties to enhance the rental property experience and stand out from the competition. By creating a beautiful and tranquil outdoor oasis, renters will not want to leave and will keep coming back year after year.

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