How Performance Parts Keep Drivers Safe

Vehicle owners think performance parts as mere modifications to either increase their car’s fuel efficiency or make it look cool. However, these parts don’t do much to improve fuel efficiency or reduce wind resistance. Most automotive experts advise car owners to keep their vehicle stock because they already meet fuel efficiency and emission standards.

On the other hand, some aftermarket car parts can help keep drivers safe while on the road. Now, if you’re a skeptical owner and having reservations about performance parts, check out our list of parts to help you drive safely.


Tires are vital safety components of any vehicle. They absorb impact while driving through different road conditions, supply traction when turning corners, braking, and accelerating. Tires also dispel water effectively to keep drivers safe during wet road conditions.

Unfortunately, some car owners fail to have their tire serviced. During PMS, tires must be rotated to maximize their service life, and most tire shops have auto tire changers to replace worn-out tires. Make sure to select the best tires for your vehicle’s make to ensure road safety. Drivers also need to double-check their tires’ pressure before driving off. Incorrect tire pressure can lead to tire blowouts and fatal car crashes.


tire rim

Alloy wheels or rims weren’t designed just for show; these were designed to work with tires to enhance vehicle handling. Given the popularity of vehicle modifications and race-car themed shows and movies, more car owners buy aftermarket rims to spruce up their rides.

Unknown to many, these rims are lighter than their stock counterparts. These parts decrease your car’s suspension load to help it absorb shock efficiently. Because of this, it increases your vehicle’s traction and rotating radius. Consult a tire specialist when buying a new set of rims for your car.

Spark Plugs and High-tension Leads

Aside from tires and rims, spark plugs and high-tension leads play essential roles in driving safety. High-tension leads are conduits that allow electricity to pass unimpeded between the spark plugs and ignition coil. Worn-out leads might not let the engine start.

If power continues to fluctuate, the engine can’t burn fuel properly and might stall while on the road. Replacing stock leads with aftermarket ones is recommended as they can allow more electricity to flow to the spark plugs and prevent misfiring engines.

If you’re considering upgrading your high-tension leads, we recommend that you also replace your spark plugs with high-performance ones. These new parts will complement the aftermarket wires you installed on your vehicle. High-performance spark plugs help increase engine power while reducing exhaust emissions. The new cables and plugs will burn fuel efficiently and protect your car’s catalytic converter against premature damage.

There is nothing odd about upgrading your vehicle’s stock equipment. However, it’s best to seek advice from a car specialist before replacing these parts. Your vehicle’s warranty is vital, especially if you’re involved in a vehicular crash. As long as the pieces you plan to replace doesn’t void your car’s warranty, install them to your heart’s content.

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