Home Sweet Home: a Guide to Raising Kids in a Condo

A lot of young couples are beginning to see the rewards of growing their families in a condo: proximity to schools, convenience in running errands, accessibility to amenities, and more. Of course, living with children in a small space in a high-rise building in the middle of Metro Manila has challenges. Thus, if you’re thinking about going vertical as a young family, here’s how you can make the most out of it:

Organize your stuff always.

Since you’ll have a relatively smaller space compared to the traditional house, you’ll notice that toys and children’s stuff collect on your tables, floors, and couches faster than you expect. That’s why mastering the art of organizing is a must. Use different materials for storage, such as cabinets, baskets, open-bin carts, and see-through bags. Also, remember to maximize vertical space and don’t neglect the little corners like the area above bookshelves or cabinets. Teach the kids to keep their stuff away after use. Most importantly, declutter regularly. Ask your kids which toys they could give away to relatives or charity.

Raising a kid in a Condo Unit

Keep the noise down.

It’s easier to hear kids’ noises from your home in a condo setting since walls only separate you and your neighbors. You don’t want to inconvenience others as much as you don’t want to be inconvenienced by them. Plus, if noises aren’t handled properly, you’ll find yourself the subject of a memo complaint from the property manager. Thus, equip your unit in such a way that it limits noises. Install acoustic panels on walls and use the right carpets on the floors. You can also put foam plugs in your windows and add curtains for better sound-proofing. Consider using solid wood material on your doors as well.

Maximize your time outdoors.

The beauty of raising kids in a condo is that you can quickly go to amenities anytime. Don’t miss this opportunity. Spending time outdoors will not just help in reducing the likelihood for tantrums but also improve your child’s well-being. Letting them walk the dog or take a dip at the pool helps increase bone and muscle strength, which is critical for physical development. It also boosts their moods and thus allows them to be more ready for school. Check out the condos for sale in Sucat, and you might find one suitable for your child’s growing needs.

Ensure safety or security.

Condos provide 24/7 security for residents, but it still helps to increase the safety of your child yourself. Invest in high-quality locks and teach your kids, especially teens left alone at home, to ring in the guard when they see suspicious people knocking on doors or loitering in the area. Of course, you have to improve the safety inside your homes. Cover electric plugs, provide barriers for balconies, and invest in edge bumpers for cabinets and tables.

More and more Filipinos are embracing vertical living when it comes to raising kids. If you’re going to jump into the bandwagon yourself, take note of these tips to pull it off.

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