Going on a Road Trip Through South and Central Americas in an RV

Immigration offices are relaxing their visa restrictions in the borders of South and Central Americas. Apps can direct you to every imaginable place on earth. Technology made RVs and caravans more comfortable than ever before. Is there any other reason for you not to embark on a great road trip to South and Central Americas?

Home to the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu, and Iguazu Falls, among others, there’s nothing more you would ever want from this part of the world. It’s as exotic and magnificent as the books make them out to be. You can get a mobile food truck for sale in New Zealand or other cities right now, turn it into a camp van, transport it to Latin America, and begin your journey.

But before embarking on this journey, you must get your gear ready, and that does not mean the RV alone. You must be ready physically because the drive is perilous and demanding. You should get your vaccine shots. You should be financially stable, too. Even if you work as a freelancer, there might be days when the Internet signal is intermittent, and you wouldn’t be able to connect to your work.


Get travel insurance. So many travelers and tourists scrimp on an insurance policy because they think that it’s a waste of money. But have you ever been stranded in the middle of the desert in a foreign land? Have you ever missed your flight or lost a suitcase? Have you ever found yourself too sick to fly that you needed to stay in a foreign hospital? Make sure that the insurance policy you’re going to buy is valid in each of the countries you’ll visit. The problem with some policies is that they are not all-inclusive, which means that you’d have to shell out for medical bills, accidents, third-party liabilities, etc.

Spare Parts

car parts

If you got your RV from New Zealand, does that mean the same spare parts will be available in Peru or Nicaragua? No. You have to bring spare parts with you during your travel. This ensures that in case of a breakdown, you have the essential parts you need to change a tire, refill your brake fluids, or change a spark plug.

Driver’s License

Each country has a different set of rules for driving. You can get the international driving permit that will give you driving privileges for a limited time frame. Most countr


Are you allowed to enter a certain country? Do you have the necessary visas? Just because a country shares a land border with another country where you have a visa for does not mean that you’re allowed to just cross it. Make sure that you have the necessary visa and vehicle permit. Bring some cash with you as well, and don’t get riled up when the immigration officers ask questions. They should ask questions since you’re passing through their borders.

Talk to someone who’s done this before. If you don’t know anyone, join an online forum or a Facebook group of road trippers. They’ll give you great ideas on how to survive life on the road.

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