8 Techniques To Get Your Business To Top of Google

Google is the number one search engine people use to find what they’re looking for; whether it be a specific product, place, or service, Google has the answer. It’s no wonder that businesses are scrambling to get their business at the top of pages. With over 1 billion unique visitors each month, there are plenty of people who may stumble upon your online store! So how can you make sure that happens?

Below are eight techniques you can take to ensure customers start finding your business.

1. Know Your Product or Service

First off, if you want to have an edge on your competitor, it helps if you know your stuff. Knowing your product or service should be common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to mention this first point all the same.

If you’re selling a product, buy it and try it out. If you’re providing a service, make sure you know all the ins and outs of what people expect from your business.

2. Optimize Your Store (Website) for Google’s Rank

Paying attention to how Google ranks websites is important in ensuring your visibility on search engines. Many factors go into how Google ranks sites: relevance, page speed, and mobile responsiveness — just to name a few.

These things will change the rank of your website if done correctly and done poorly can cause harm to your rank; this means you’ll be losing money! Hire professional website design services to get an optimized website tailored specifically for Google’s algorithms.

3. Optimize Your Product/Service Descriptions

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If you’re selling a product, don’t forget to optimize the content of your page. What does that mean? It means you should be using keywords and phrases that customers would use when looking for products like yours.

For example, if someone was searching for a red turban, they may type in turban red. Making sure to have those words on your website increases the chances of Google finding it through searches!

4. Add Meta Tags

You’ve optimized the content on your store’s pages; now what? If you have a blog or business account on social media sites such as Facebook or Pinterest, make sure to add Meta tag descriptions to all of those posts too.

What are meta tags? They’re a way for search engines to find relevant content on your website. If you have a lot of great blog posts or social media feeds, make sure to add this tag!

5. Optimize Your Store’s Blog Page

If you’re wondering how to get your business to the top of Google, optimizing your blog page is an important step. Why? It shows that you post fresh content regularly, and it encourages visitors to see what kind of stuff you have going on.

In addition, search engines love blogs written in natural language instead of stiffly optimized text. People read blogs the same way they’d read a book: casually and not looking for a specific piece of information. Make sure when writing a blog post you keep this in mind.

6. Get Backlinks

Getting backlinks is a great way to increase your rank on Google. How? You can do this by giving other sites the go-ahead to post about you and include a link to your site.

By doing this, they’re increasing your exposure and popularity! In addition, if their website is well-known or updated regularly, it acts as a powerful source of credibility for Google.

7. Optimize Your Domain Name

If you have a website or business, it’s important to check out your domain name. Optimizing the URL of your store reduces confusion Uptime and increases trustworthiness with customers.

What should you do? Change the URL so that keywords are included in the design! Make sure that if one is looking for yoga mats, Google they find your website rather quickly.

8. Use Google Analytics

Why use analytics? Google Analytics allows the website owner to see where visitors are coming from and what they’re doing on a given site. This includes demographics such as age range and location, as well as their actions within your site.

For example, if a customer comes from a search engine or blog post, this information will tell you which keywords are driving more traffic. For a business to thrive, they need to be visible in search engines.

This is where the eight techniques we’ve provided come into play! If you’re looking for how your company can get to the top of Google and stay there without too much effort, these strategies will help. From optimizing product descriptions or blog posts with natural language writing techniques that mimic books, this list has it all when it comes to SEO tips for businesses trying to rank on Google.


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