Free Up Space with a New Staircase

Space can quickly become a rare commodity inside a home through the clutter, yet once you do clean, you may still be left feeling cramped with a flight of steps and a wall underneath that obstructs a rather substantial part of your house.

With new staircase designs, however, you can free up space in and around your stairs, and stop feeling so cramped!

Stairs as Obstruction

A home with two or several storeys requires a flight of steps, which will take up a large space in your house. As such, with the wrong plan, stairs can easily become an obstruction or at least be an eyesore. People’s eyes crave space to feel relaxed and less stressed from already stressful lives.

This need then lends great worth to the illusion of space that can be created inside the home. Now, the illusion of space means the use of elements that would make your eyes think that you have more area to move around than you actually do.

This illusion excludes clever storage solutions in your home. The latter case usually manifests itself in small rooms underneath a flight of steps; you may have one as storage. Your small room sadly takes up space that your eyes want freed. Time to remove that room and remodel your stairs!

Float the Steps

For a less-imposing set of steps, you have to go minimalist in your new staircase design in a way that matches the rest of your home. A floating plan may work if the rest of your house elements also create an illusion of space. This plan frees up space in between each step, producing a “floating” appearance for the stairs.

You can add glass balustrades for increased structural strength, safety, and balance.

Keep It Seamless

As an alternative to a floating plan, you can also choose to stay with a conventional plan. A conventional plan closes the open space between steps in floating stairs, which gives you a seamless look of the set of steps that you can cover with a beautiful carpet.

Matched with empty space underneath the stairs, a conventional plan mixes the modern aesthetic with the classic appearance.

kids running up the staircase

Use Light and Mirrors

Regardless of the type of steps that you choose, you also have to play around with light and colour since both contribute to the illusion of space. Light, on the one hand, lets your eyes expand and see more of the area of your home.

Large windows largely help in bringing more light in, but in the absence of large windows, you can use mirrors. A mirror opposite a flight of stairs can shed more light and bring more illusion of space.

Paint it Light

On the other hand, colour plays off of the light in creating the appearance of space. You can then paint your stairs a light colour and your walls too. Otherwise, you can use match light colours with dark colours, such as dark-coloured stairs and light-coloured walls.

Timber balustrades, cladding, and flooring may also help bring some naturalness into the area too.

Once you have your remodel done, you will have a set of steps that gives you a sense of freedom in your house. You will feel more relaxed, and even after so much clutter, you can still some relief from the space in your home.

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