Five Upgrades for Your Car Repair Shop

The automotive maintenance and repair service industry is projected to hit the $810 billion mark by 2026, a recent report from Reports and Data revealed. This is attributed to the rising requirements for passenger safety from the industry regulators, which makes vehicle owners more mindful of their rides’ road worthiness.

However, with the adverse impacts of COVID-19 on numerous industries across the world, the income of vehicle repair and maintenance shops are projected to take a dip by the end of 2020. This is understandable, as most vehicle owners put off getting out or simply trying to use their money for more urgent needs.

If you own a car repair shop, making your operations more efficient by investing in some essential tools and pieces of equipment could help you stand out from all the other shops in your locality. Here are some of the best upgrades that you should consider getting for your shop soon:

man repairing under the car

  1. Electrostatically coated flooring.

    Among the parts of your shop that bears the heavy brunt of your daily operations is your flooring. As such, it’s only right for it to get an upgrade if you want your shop to look presentable while still keeping money flowing in with the projects you handle. A great way to fortify your flooring is to give it a nice electrostatic coating, which is simply a fluid applied on floors to make them abrasion- and chemical-resistant. This special floor coating has a low VOC, sanitary, and tougher than tiles, thus making it a perfect application for areas with high vehicle and foot traffic such as automotive repair shops.

  2. Automated welding set.

    No car repair shop is complete without at least one set of welding equipment. If you already have one but your welding set leaves much to be desired, then an automated welding set should a great addition to the shop. This specific welding equipment automatically adjusts clamp pressure, current level, and weld time based on the arms and electrodes being used. This makes welding much faster and more efficient, so you can finish repairs quicker.

  3. Pneumatic-hydraulic rivet gun.

    This handy tool lets the user achieve a consistent riveting force so the resulting bond between materials is nice and even. This will then allow you to guarantee high-quality rivets all throughout the vehicle, which is something that you can’t achieve with regular riveting guns. Given how critical riveting is in making a vehicle nurtured and safe, this is one upgrade you won’t regret investing your money in.

  4. Pneumatic dispensing gun.

    A pneumatic dispensing gun allows for effortless and uniform application of bonding agents so aluminum and steel panels are quickly bonded with the required strength. This equipment employs air pressure, which regulates the flow of adhesive that makes it possible to apply long and uniform beads on the materials being bonded together.

  5. Dyno/ECU tuner.

    No automotive repair and maintenance shop should operate without a proper dyno and ECU tuner. These high-tech pieces of equipment allow for scientific and quick tuning of a vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) and engine, thus allowing for fast project completion and better engine performance. They can be quite pricey but the benefits they can give you and your clients’ vehicles will be worth the financial investment that you’ll make.

Operating a vehicle repair and maintenance shop may be quite a challenge, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, by having the right tools and equipment such as the ones mentioned above, your shop can gain the upper hand and make itself stand out from the competition.

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