Financial Penalties Associated with a DUI Charge

Most people are only worried about serving jail time for offenses they have committed. As such, when the possibility of a jail sentence is reduced in a case or can be substituted with a fine, people will see no need of an attorney. One of the issues people dismiss is a traffic offense.

This, they assume, attracts a small financial penalty while their insurance company will take care of the rest. There are numerous traffic offenses, but the most common and devastating is driving under the influence (DUI).

Personal injury lawyers in Townsville will often work with the victim of your accident to get compensation. The victim is, however, not the only one who needs a lawyer. You too will need the best legal representation to get you off the hook in a DUI charge.

While the jail sentence for your DUI based on its severity might be low, there are also economic effects of this charge. Without an acquittal, therefore, the charge might leave you penniless. Here are some of the financial penalties of DUI charges.


Local regulations dictate the fine you will be charged based on the frequency of your DUI charges and its severity. In most cases, however, the fines charged are hefty to minimize the possibilities of a repeat offense. Moreover, some cases will attract the payment of punitive damages to punish you for the offense.

High Auto Insurance Rates

You can expect to get significantly increased car insurance rates if you are convicted of a DUI. This is because your insurance premium is dictated by the level of risk you pose to the insurer. A DUI conviction sets you apart as a high-risk driver and thus increases your premiums.

The timeframe for your high insurance rates will differ from one insurer to the next. It will, however, take some time and various steps to get optimal rates after your conviction.

Limited Employment Opportunities

In most cases, you will get your license suspended when convicted of DUI. This will, to some extent, limit your opportunities for employment. While your employer will not fire you, you might be forced to forego some responsibilities and thus take a pay cut.

Remember that a DUI conviction also reflects on your criminal record. It might initially sound irrelevant, but potential employers might not see it as such.

Routine Screenings and Community Service Fees

DUI Law title on a book and gavel.

You might be needed to have regular drug screening tests as part of your bail conditions. These tests attract a fee which varies among states. Moreover, if you are required to perform community service, you will also be charged a community service supervision fee.

There is nothing simple about a DUI charge. Drivers assume you should feel intoxicated or be out of control for you to be convicted of a DUI. You might nonetheless be convicted of a DUI though you feel competent to operate a vehicle.

This is because the evidence will be primarily based on the allowed blood alcohol levels in your state. Without an attorney to get you acquitted and avoid the above financial penalties, getting back on your feet will not be so easy even if you do not serve jail time.

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