Real Estate Marketing: Driving Traffic to Your Listings

The real estate business has always been both demanding and competitive. For that reason, agents are struggling to reach many homebuyers. If you’re a real estate broker or a company owner, investing time, money, and effort into marketing is important. An effective marketing campaign can set you apart from your competition and enable you to get your target buyers’ attention.

Appealing to prospective homebuyers is not an easy job. Not only are modern clients more meticulous in choosing a real estate property, but there are also thousands of more agents who they can talk to. To ensure your listings will appear on top of your competitors, here are five techniques that you can do.

1. Create striking video tours

Prospective buyers will find it hard to keep their attention away from striking home video tours. Expert real estate marketers recommend including yourself in the property tour to quickly get the viewers’ trust. It’s like you’re personally explaining the best interior and exterior features of the property. The titles and descriptions of the videos should be well optimized.

You can do this by including keyword-rich copy, the address of the property, and the MLS (multiple listing service) numbers. It’s also better to include the direct link to the property detail page so the clients can readily check it out. Quality video tours can help you generate quality leads, connect you with buyers in an authentic way, and close the deals quickly.

2. Invest in search engine marketing

One surefire way to get your real estate listing in front of prospective clients is to use search engine marketing (SEM). Among the many perks of SEM is that it can bring fast visibility to your listings, which means you can reach your target buyers almost instantly.

Search engine marketing also gives your listing or company the exposure you need to build awareness through paid search ads. The best thing about this is that the search ads are geo-targeted. Plus, they are easy and fast to create and manage. To get the best results, you can consider working with an SEM company to better optimize your real estate ads and campaigns.

3. Connect with the community

Connecting with clients online does offer convenience. However, you can maximize your reach if you’ll also get involved in your local community. If you want to get recognized as a credible real estate agent or company, you need to first genuinely connect with the people. Avoid upfront selling of houses or promoting your real estate services.

Instead, find ways to give back to the community. It’s the best way to build a reputation and promote your listings at the same time. You can sponsor craft events or sports teams, host historic city tours, organize local events or festivities, and of course, host home tours. There are endless ways that you can improve your community-building efforts. Be creative!

4. Host amazing open houses

What better way to personally promote your listings than to host open houses? An open house should be adequately marketed online (e.g., advertisements and social media invites) and offline (newspaper announcements and local mailers). Most importantly, the property itself must be staged. Eliminate any clutter or unnecessary items to create a welcoming yet open ambiance.

As much as possible, the house should not have too many items or furniture inside so the buyers can easily visualize how they will use the space. To maximize the promotion of your open houses, you can create printed guides with details about the properties or place your listing’s address and contact details on local grocery items.

5. Create your own website

Having a dedicated real estate website allows both agents and companies to establish their online authority and create a great first impression to the clients. A real estate website won’t only be your advertising platform but also a tool to help you grow your business. With your own website, clients can conveniently access details about the listings and communicate with you or your team.

Real estate websites can come in different forms, such as property listing websites, promotion websites, promotion management websites, and real estate marketplaces. No matter what you choose to focus on, the website should have a compelling and responsive design, fresh and evergreen content, and easy navigation features.

Making your real estate listing stand out and acquire more clients can be taxing, especially if your marketing efforts aren’t as effective as your competitors. Potential buyers can be easily turned off if your presentation and messaging aren’t enticing or relevant. Get your properties in front of prospective buyers by carrying out these marketing tactics.

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