Defying the Pandemic: Companies that Continue Hiring despite COVID-19

Several companies are scrambling to adapt to the new realities ushered in by COVID-19. However, some firms are experiencing an upshot in product and service demand.

Whether it’s recruitment for positions in engineering, customer support, or pharmacy work, the following companies below are looking to expand their ranks.

Tech companies focused on communication

As companies go remote, more and more employees are utilizing digital platforms like Slack, Skype, and Zoom to communicate at work.

Instant online messaging and video calls are some features that are alleviating remote working challenges. App integration with databases and productivity tools are also making it easy to get work done in this new environment.

To support this burgeoning online workforce, some companies are opening their doors to a larger number of applicants. Zoom, for instance, is accepting more people to fill positions in software engineering, technical troubleshooting, and finance.

To continue driving success during and even after COVID-19, telecommunication companies must help both employees and users remain cybersecure. This will be a key priority as cybercriminals continue finding ways to take advantage of the pandemic.

General tech support companies

While on the subject of tech and remote work, it’s important to point out that not all professionals are Millennial or Gen Z.

Almost everyone is trying out remote work these days, even the more elderly workers. This group might not be the most tech-savvy people out there. They are likely to clamor for more tech and customer service support.

Companies like recognize this growing need. As a result, they’ve been ramping up hiring for remote support agents since the pandemic struck. Non-tech experts will need proper guidance in navigating this new working environment.

Drug stores and health companies


Nowadays, health comes at a premium. One of the frontliners in the fight against the pandemic is the average pharmacy worker and organizations are in dire need of more of them.

That’s why earlier this year in March, CVS Pharmacy announced that it was hiring 50,000 new workers. To help fill these positions, hospitality companies like Hilton are sending their furloughed companies to these opportunities.

This is one good example of how the private sector is creating partnerships to support vulnerable and affected workers. As the world awaits the successful production of a vaccine, collaborations like the one between CVS and Hilton will be sorely needed.

Additionally, pharmacies mustn’t rely only on fresh recruits to meet skyrocketing demand. Support systems for existing workers must also be in place. For instance, CVS is also giving out pay bonuses of up to $500 to existing employees.

Groceries and delivery companies

The pandemic has soberly put things into perspective. People across the world come are coming to grips with the fact that at the end of the day, food and other basic necessities should be prioritized. This realization is manifested into long grocery store lines and fast-emptying shelves.

Walmart has initiated a large recruitment campaign to hire about 150,000 workers. To expedite the process, the company has even optimized its approach — resulting in a 24-hour application process.

Food delivery companies like Uber Eats and Instacart are also thriving and looking to grow their workforce. Drivers from the transportation sector — which is currently experiencing a severe decline — will likely find their next gig in one of these companies.

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