Common Diesel Truck Issues and Their Possible Causes

Diesel trucks are among the most popular road users in Utah as they provide essential services for all communities in the entire region. If you run a diesel truck, it is imperative that you understand the possible problems that might occur to your truck for you to solve them promptly. High horsepower ratings, high fuel efficiency, and incredibly high torque levels are among the advantages of diesel trucks.

However, just like gasoline trucks, diesel trucks also have their breakdown moments, which is why you need to have your truck repair professional on speed dial, for efficient operations in Ogden. Having that said, here are some of the problems that might arise with your diesel truck while on the road.

Contaminated Engine Fuel

Whether gasoline or diesel powered, there are plenty of issues that can go wrong from fuel contamination in your engine. However, due to the composition properties of diesel (viscosity) diesel engines are more susceptible to contamination than their gasoline counterparts.

If your diesel engine is contaminated by grime, water, or dirt, major engine problems will be realized almost immediately. Ensure that your truck is repaired immediately to prevent further damage to the engine components. To prevent contamination problems, ensure to always source your fuel from reliable suppliers.

Engine not Starting Properly in the Morning

Diesel engines are well known for being cold collared or a little hesitant to start, particularly when the engine is cold. While this can be entirely due to the viscous nature of diesel fuel, it can be as a result of other issues, particularly if your engine is fairly old.

truck on the road

In most cases, if your diesel engine suddenly becomes almost impossible to start, it is probably having problems in the fuel delivery lines, although a series of other issues could also cause this. If you notice that your diesel engine is taking much longer and becoming much harder to start, it is time for repair.

The Engine Being Unusually Loud

Naturally, diesel engines have a distinct sound, which comes off a little louder and throaty most of the times but not always.  However, if your engine seems to be escalating its noise levels, there could be a significant problem with your engine.

One problem that could lead to excess noise is the passage of excess fuel through the fuel injectors. While this problem is fairly easy to fix, if left unattended you will start experiencing other motor issues.

This is because too much fuel on your engine causes it to run hotter than normal thus causing damage to other engine components.

The above insights help you detect a problem even before your diesel engine stalls and your truck stops to move. When selecting a repair company, ensure to get someone who can attend to you during the day, at night, and even on emergency situations.

Moreover, the mechanics should provide high quality and efficient repairs to ensure that you do not stay off the road longer than it is necessary. Also, ensure that they are well stocked with the best spare parts to avoid downtime looking for spares elsewhere.

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