Car Protection for Outside Parking: What You Can Do

The ideal situation is for all car owners to have a garage. However, not everyone has access to the right space or funds. Your only option left is to park it outside. The problem is that leaves it vulnerable to the elements and more. Here are some things that you can do to ensure your car gets the best protection possible.

Provide Some Cover

Even if you do not have a full garage, some shelter is better than nothing. You can install a commercial carport canopy on your driveway. Easy to set-up and with a lower price tag than a full garage, rain and harsh sunlight are not something you have to worry about anymore. There is still some exposure to the elements though. To help with that, you should get a car cover to place over your car while it is not in use. Choose one that is durable and fits your car.

Apply Some Wax

Parking outside exposes your car to various dangers. It is better to provide extra layers of protection with the help of some wax. Modern car waxes provide a sealant coating that can stop minor scratches and the worst of the elements. You have to reapply this wax layer every few months for maximum effect. If you are lazy, you can skip out on that by paying for a ceramic coating from a local detailing service. The results will be similar and can last for several years.

Park in the Right Places

One major issue that cars face is bird droppings. These are very acidic and only need a few hours to cause damage. Parking outside means risking the birds’ wrath. To avoid all the droppings, it is recommended to choose the places where you park. Avoid parking near light posts, utility poles, and other places where birds might hang out. While trees are tempting parking spots, birds tend to make their homes on them. Also, parking under trees risks damage from tree sap and falling fruit. If you have to park in these places then buying a car cover can be a good investment.

Wash Often

Washing car

With the exposure to the elements, the dirt and grime will build up. Particles of dirt can cause abrasions and even start the rusting process if you are not careful. A weekly wash can stop the dirt from building up and freshen up your car. For the best results in cleaning your car, you should buy a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths absorb more water than basic cotton and are gentler on the paint coating of your car. It also doesn’t pick up dirt particles during cleaning. Using a simple cloth can have you scratching your paint because of all the dirt that sticks to it. Buying car washing soap is also a better choice than getting basic soap or cleaners. Car washing detergents clean the grease and grime off while keeping the chemicals that protect your paint untouched.

Leaving your car outside can be a risky choice. But if you take the proper precautions, you will have nothing to worry about.

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