Creating a More Car-Friendly Business Establishment

  • Enhancing parking lots with features like landscaping and traffic deck coating can improve the appearance.
  • Creating a parking lot map and partnering with nearby parking lots can help customers find available spaces.
  • Using technology like smart parking meters and parking apps can streamline the parking experience.
  • Showing appreciation for customers through small tokens or signs can build loyalty and trust.

As a business owner, it is essential to keep your customers happy with your service, including their parking experience. A study revealed that over 30% of traffic is caused by drivers looking for a parking spot.

This indicates how essential it is to provide a parking facility that is convenient and accessible. In this blog, you will learn essential tips on creating a more car-friendly business establishment.

Make Parking Spaces Easy to Find.

Having clear signage and painted lines helps drivers see where parking spaces are. Posting signs at entrances, exits, and in the parking lot in the direction of the building can help customers locate your business quickly. It is also important to ensure that parking spaces are visible enough and well-lit, especially at night, to make your business establishment safer.

Enhance Your Parking Lots.

Maintaining your parking lots is crucial for making a good impression on customers. Make sure to regularly clean up the area and keep the pavement free of debris or cracks. If possible, consider adding features such as outdoor seating areas, trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements to make it more inviting.

You should also consider applying traffic deck coating to waterproof your garage. This coating will help protect the parking lot from moisture and make it easier to clean. It can also help create a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Consider Creating a Parking Lot Map.

Creating a parking map can help customers know where to park. A parking map can reduce the time drivers need to find a parking space, which could increase customer satisfaction. Indicate the location of the designated parking area, emergency parking spaces, and handicap parking spaces if available. Update the parking map regularly as the business changes so that customers won’t get confused and discouraged.

Partner with Nearby Parking Lots.

Parked car

If your establishment has limited parking space, consider collaborating with other businesses that have an open parking space during the day or even after business hours. This is a win-win situation as customers can park in nearby parking lots, and other businesses’ spaces remain occupied. Also, offering a shuttle service from the alternative parking spots to your business establishment can be an added convenience for your customers.

Use Technology.

Incorporating technology into parking can optimize the parking experience and improve security. Here are the technologies you should consider looking into:

Smart parking meters

Smart parking meters are able to track occupancy and alert customers about available parking spots. They can also be used for payment options, such as credit card-based payment systems.

Parking guidance systems

These systems use sensors to detect free spaces in the lot and direct drivers to them, streamlining the process of finding a spot.

Parking apps

Apps like Parkopedia and ParkMe can help customers find open parking spots. Additionally, they offer features that allow drivers to pay for the spot before they get there.

Automatic license plate recognition technology

This technology can help your business track customers entering and exiting the lot. It also allows businesses to know how long customers have been parked in their spots, providing them with more control of their spaces.

By taking advantage of these innovative technologies, you can make your business establishment car-friendly and help ensure that customers have a positive experience.

Show Appreciation for Your Customers.


Showing appreciation for your customers can be a way to help alleviate the stress involved with parking. A small sign, treat, or token of appreciation for the parking hassle can go a long way toward customer satisfaction. This is a form of customer service that can build loyalty and trust with your customers.

Creating a more car-friendly business establishment is essential to keep customers happy and returning. By following these tips, you can optimize the parking experience for your customers.

Make sure that your parking spaces are easy to find with clear signage and painted lines, enhance the area with outdoor seating areas and landscaping elements, create a map of the lot, partner with nearby businesses for additional space if needed, use technology such as smart meters or apps to streamline processes, and show appreciation for their efforts by offering tokens of gratitude.

Implementing these strategies will help ensure customer satisfaction when finding available parking spots at your business establishment.

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