7 Signs and Symptoms of a Faulty Exhaust

As most car owners will know, the exhaust is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. But how can you tell if your exhaust is not working properly? Find out in this article.

The primary function of the exhaust system of a vehicle is to divert toxic fumes away from the engine and the inside of the car. If this system malfunctions, it can lead to significant engine problems that can render your vehicle unusable.

Detecting the first signs of exhaust problems is the best way to prevent major car problems. Here are the signs and symptoms that you should look out for:

1. Weird noises when accelerating

Do you hear strange noises coming from your engine when you step on the gas pedal? These unusual noises can indicate a problem with your exhaust system. To be sure, get your vehicle checked out by a reputable mechanic. As much as possible, find a mechanic that has a lot of experience with your car. For example, look for a Ford Mustang exhaust specialist in Australia to make sure that your vehicle gets the best care possible.

2. Decreased engine performance

A faulty exhaust system can lead to issues with your engine’s performance. If you notice that your car isn’t accelerating as well or as quickly as before, it’s better to have your car checked before the problem gets worse.

3. Unusual smells

Another tell-tale sign of a damaged exhaust system is a strange smell emanating from underneath the hood or inside the car. If you smell gas while you’re driving, it may mean that your exhaust pipes are leaking. On the other hand, if you smell something burning from underneath the hood, the heat from the exhaust may be causing parts of the engine to burn.

In any case, get your car fixed immediately. Driving around with these problems in your engine or exhaust can cause the vehicle to emit smoke, burn, or emit poisonous monoxide gas.

4. Reduced fuel efficiency

more fuel than necessary to keep the engine running. Don’t ignore the problem; you may end up spending more on gas than a repair bill.

5. Hanging exhaust pipe

A hanging pipe can cause more problems for your car if you leave it as it is. If you continue to drive with the pipe dragging behind you, it can detach and cause danger to other drivers.

6. Check engine light is turned on

Most drivers ignore the check engine light when it comes on in their car. However, paying no heed to this warning can lead to bigger problems for your engine. When the check engine light comes on, get to the mechanic as soon as you can to see what the problem is.

7. Odd vibrations

Mechanic fixing exhaust pipe

If you feel vibrations coming from your gas pedal or steering wheel, it almost always indicates a leak in your exhaust system. These vibrations, no matter how weak they are, pose an issue for both your car and your safety.

Every driver should know the signs and symptoms of a faulty exhaust system. If you notice these problems in your car, visit the mechanic right away to get it fixed.

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