5 Manila Condo Living Tips For Couples

Living in the bustling metropolis that is Metro Manila is a feat that many couples struggle with. Fortunately, there are condominium units for sale, and other key places in the metro, which can make life in the city seem like a dream.

If you want to share a condo with your significant other, here are some tips that can make condo living much easier:

1. Set a budget and stick to it

Whether you are buying or renting a condo unit, the expenses of condo living can get pretty high. That said, it is imperative that as a couple, you and your partner set a monthly budget that will cover everything you need plus savings and wants. By sticking to your budget and saving money along the way, you can achieve financial security despite living in a high-cost setting.

2. Strive for minimalism

Most condo units have limited space, which is why one of the best ways to make condo living easier is by striving for minimalism. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of your prized possessions. Rather, the goal of minimalism is to live simply and remove unnecessary possessions that only take up space.

As a couple living in a condo, minimalism can help you save money, enjoy more free space, and focus on what you really need in life. Moreover, having less stuff in the unit makes maintenance easier since there are fewer things that gather dust and occupy space. So no, you don’t really need 20 dinner plates in the cupboards or 10 throw pillows on your couch. Stick to the basics and embrace the lifestyle bit by bit.

3. Avoid paying for services

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Takeout, laundry services, and cleaning fees are just some of the services that can eat up a big chunk of your budget without you even noticing it. So instead of paying for these services, take advantage of your condo unit to cook at home, do the laundry in the bathroom (if your space allows a washing machine), and clean the place yourself. If both you and your partner have jobs, you can also meal-prep lunches for the week to save even more money.

4. Socialize with your neighbors

Say hello to your neighbors once in a while, offer extra viand on the weekends, or invite them over for coffee. Having friends next door even if you don’t know much about them is much better than having none at all. Moreover, they can be the ones to help in times of need, such as in medical emergencies or household repairs.

5. Use the condo amenities

Who needs a date night when you can have a romantic date by the condo’s pool? Or a gym membership if you already have a gym in the building? Instead of going out to enjoy yourself, use the condo’s amenities to save money and spend more quality time with your significant other.

If you want to not only survive, but thrive in the city, these tips can make condo living easier for you and your partner. After all, with the stress brought about by work and finances, your condo should be your safe haven.

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