4 Novel Marketing Hacks for Business Owners and Managers

Each day, the business industry gets increasingly competitive and tech-driven, with business owners and managers trying to outdo each other in every possible way.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, businesses became even more creative and aggressive in their marketing campaigns as they try to navigate the shaky landscape due to the economic and logistical impacts of the crisis.

The bottom line becomes clear as day: businesses can either choose to do things the usual way and be left behind in the race, or adapt to new marketing techniques and capture the interest of an increasingly discriminating market.

Here are four novel marketing ideas that could help your business get the shot in the arms it badly needs amid the pandemic:

Hire a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Businesses, whether big or small, need someone who understands how marketing the brand must be carried out to gain the best advantage and return on investment (ROI) possible. This is the primary responsibility of a chief marketing officer (CMO).

However, since hiring someone to do the job full time means paying regular wages and benefits, many businesses tend to avoid the idea and just pinpoint someone savvy enough to function as the company’s CMO. In some ways, this works just fine but on many occasions, the lack of training and experience tends to show up and lead to dismal results.

As such, consider hiring a company that offers fractional CMO services to take care of your marketing requirements.

A fractional CMO can provide marketing leadership and assistance that could help fill the voids in your company’s marketing strategies. This professional will help craft a marketing plan based on your business needs, oversee the plan’s implementation and monitoring, and make fine-tuning tweaks if needed to improve the plan.

The best thing about the entire setup is that you’re essentially hiring a contractor for the job, which means you won’t have to worry about all government-mandated employee benefits aside from the fractional CMO’s professional fees.

Keep watchful eye on your competitors

finance employee

Didn’t someone say to keep your friends close and your not friends closer? Well, in the world of business, such is the case.

While this may seem like a shady scheme to some, it’s actually a perfectly legal, ethical, and creative way to stay a few steps ahead of the pack. Marketing-wise, monitoring your competitors’ moves particularly on social media will help you find out the things they’re doing properly and the things they don’t. This way, you can adjust your brand’s social media marketing approach to be inherently better than the competing business.

Do some sensible content marketing techniques

In today’s digital age where people search for almost everything they need using search engines, having a website that has high quality and original content is a key element to success. As such, you need to have a strong and sensible content marketing plan that features techniques not everyone in the industry employs.

These include publishing infographics that are easy to digest in a single reading, writing for the audience, posting video collaterals, and using templates that help visitors easily identify or connect with your brand.

There are plenty of other creative ways to run a successful content marketing campaign, but you need to brainstorm with your marketing team to come up with approaches that suit your business model and target audience.

Use referral software to launch your referral program

Data show that 92 percent of consumers are more likely to trust what their friends or family say about a product or service than any form of marketing techniques used by brand marketers. This specific magical marketing wand is called the word of mouth marketing (WOMM), and it’s been used for ages to great success.

In many respects, this makes perfect sense. Most important of all is that trust is a precious commodity and in the marketing realm, it is the most vital commodity that brands all strive to have. By gaining their clients’ unequivocal trust in them, brands easily capture their interest and ensure a loyal following that helps sustain the business even through worst-case situations such as pandemics.

As such, be sure to use modern approaches such as referral programs using referral software such as Ambassador to help you organize and guarantee a successful campaign. By essentially turning your customers into your brand ambassadors, you can gain more loyal customers through them, which is dream come true for most businesses.

Gaining a business advantage sure requires a lot of hard work, but that workload can be lightened if you follow these four simple marketing techniques. With these, you can look forward to better profits and a fiercely loyal customer base to support your business through the worst of times.

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