10 Effective Hacks to Simplify Moving

Moving homes is never an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider and to account for. Imagine packing an entire house into several boxes. It’s a pretty overwhelming thought already. Below, we made a list of things you can do to make packing easier and fun for you.

10 Moving Hacks to Simplify Your Life

1. Get organized.

Create a checklist of your items and sort them according to categories like who owns what or which part of the room they are to go. Put them all in a box per category and descriptively label the boxes. Create a system and follow it to a T.

2. Pack your service.

Fortunately, there are now a lot of movers that offer their services at affordable rates. You can check online for reputable moving companies in Marietta, GA or Sacramento, CA or wherever you are in the country. 

3. Pack a suitcase for each member of the family.

Pack like you're going on vacation, especially if you are doing a lot of cross-country driving. There will be several stops at motels and you need to make sure everyone has clothes to wear and toiletries to use for hygiene.

4. Purge.

This would be a great time to go over your stuff and get rid of all the junk you have accumulated throughout the years. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you have not used an item for the past six months and do not see any immediate need for it in the near future, then it has to go.

5. Use all the space you can.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but utilizing all the shelf and drawer space in your furniture helps minimize your acquisition and use of packing materials and boxes. Just make sure you secure all shelves and drawers before loading them on the truck.

6. Clean out the fridge.

A couple of weeks before your move, gradually start consuming things in your fridge. Other than a loaded fridge being heavy for loading onto a truck, you wouldn't want to end up with a fridge filled with the foul smell because of spoiled food in it.

7. Let the kids work.

This will prove helpful when you're in the homestretch and have already packed their toys and stuff up. Get them involved in the packing process by giving them the stuff to pack and assigning them their own areas in the house. This also helps make them look forward to your move and gets them excited about starting over.

8. Prepare a special car box.

Prepare a special car box filled with essential stuff you will need on your cross-country drive. Toiletries, snacks, gadgets, whatever you deem necessary to make the drive bearable and amusing for you and your family.

9. Pack the important things in your car.

Couple moving into new home

Bring all the important documents in the car with you for security and safety. You'll never know what could happen to the moving truck once it has taken off. Securing the important documents will prevent you from going through all the inconvenience of acquiring them again.

10. Make it fun!

Enjoy the process and stay optimistic. Play games with the kids as you organize and pack. Make the drive to your new location a fun and educational one by taking side trips to parks, museums, or whatever it is you're interested in.

Moving to a new home is supposed to symbolize a brand new beginning for you. You may be leaving a beautiful place but you can always bring great memories with you.

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