Thinking of a Career Change? Here Are Gripping Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Construction Industry

Construction work is almost always essential. There will always be buildings to erect and fix and houses to build and repair.

But not a lot of people want to work in this industry. In a 2020 survey by the Associated General Contractors of America, the construction industry 72 percent of construction firms anticipate labor shortage in 2021. This labor shortage is affected by many factors, of course. One of them is likely the pandemic. There are many concerns regarding the safety of construction workers during the pandemic.

The hard labor of construction aside, there are many compelling reasons to pursue a career in the construction industry. Raising awareness of these perks will encourage more people to reconsider it.

Abundance of Roles

The construction industry has a wide web of roles. You can be a field worker or a construction worker who takes on hands-on projects.

If you don’t like hard labor, you can still enter the construction industry through an office-based job. For instance, you can take office-based managerial roles if you have experience managing teams and have the required work experience. You can also pursue marketing and assist clients who are thinking of buying a commercial truck, a loader truck, an excavator, and other construction equipment. Other examples of construction industry jobs you can pursue include designers, human resource practitioners,

Job Security

One common goal of employed individuals is job security. They want to land a job that they know will last a long time so that they won’t worry anymore about losing their job or transferring jobs. Luckily, the construction industry is one of the most secure fields. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry is expected to grow up to 5 percent from 2010 to 2029.

As long as people need to build infrastructure, repair homes and other erect buildings, and so on, there will always be a need for construction industry professionals.

Competitive Pay

For those who want financial stability, pursuing a career in the construction industry may be a good route due to its competitive pay. And the salary forecast for the industry isn’t so bad either. In 2019, salaries in the construction industry rose by 4.5 percent. And given the current labor shortage in the industry, those who want to work in it can further negotiate their salaries based on their skill set.

It’s important to note, though, that for many positions in the industry, one doesn’t need to have a successful resume. That said, anyone who enters the construction industry has the potential to earn good money, regardless of their background. Those who graduated high school can immediately enter the construction industry if they want to. Career shifters are also welcome.

Career Progression

career progression

The idea of climbing up the ladder doesn’t just apply to corporate jobs. It also applies to the construction industry. Since it’s constantly growing, there is always the need to hire new people. New roles will appear. And the need for people with managerial skills will also increase.

Thus, even if a person starts at an entry-level position, through years of experience, dedication, and hard work, they can climb up the ladder and take on advanced roles.

Career progression can give anyone a huge confidence boost. They also get to earn more money and fulfill other things in life. Thus, this benefit only makes the construction industry even more promising and worth pursuing.

Rewarding Career

Unfortunately, many people look down on construction workers. Manual labor is often associated with dirty jobs and low-skilled workers. But this stigma is far from the truth. Working in the construction industry is very honorable and rewarding. For one, a person can make valuable connections while working in this industry. The camaraderie in the industry is also strong due to shared hardship and other experiences. And as mentioned earlier, getting into the construction industry can give a person job security.

Also, working in the construction industry means helping others. Construction workers ensure the safety of the people who live in the structures they create. This can give a sense of accomplishment to people working in the industry, which makes it even more rewarding.

Most people want to pursue careers they feel will give them a bright future. And a lot of the options are those they see in the media, such as becoming a medical professional, a legal professional, an educator, and so on. It’s time that people pay more attention to the construction industry. If they become more aware of its advantages, they’ll be more likely to take an interest in it.

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