Keeping Your Vehicle in Great Condition During the Winter Months

The winter season can be a huge problem for many car owners. The roads are slippery and snow affecting visibility. Should you have no choice but to still drive regularly even during such extremes of temperature, perform a proper car check-up.

Remember that there are tons of issues that this harsh winter weather can pose to your vehicle. And if you spend your time slacking like during warmer months, you’re going to end up with a broken car in the middle of the chilled road. To help you in this matter, listed below are a number of car care tips to help you condition your vehicle for the winter.

  1. Do a prep check-up

The first thing to do is to do a health check-up in your car. This is one of the simplest car care tasks that’s still typically forgotten by many car owners. So don’t be one of them. You could do the prep check-up yourself, or better, bring it to your trusted Subaru required maintenance service provider.  You can even be lucky to get some discounted winter car checks. Doing so can prevent malfunctions your car may face during such extreme weather conditions.

  1. Check the battery

While the summer heat is the best-known enemy of car batteries, the cold winter weather is no exception. For instance, if your battery charge is close to depletion or quite low, it can easily die off during winter. One of the easiest ways to detect battery damage is the improper performance of your car’s electrical systems. Lights constantly flickering? Having start-up problems? Or, are your audio systems not functioning? ; It’s best to take it to a reliable mechanic.

  1. Pay attention to wipers

If there’s another car part that can ensure your safety when driving during winter, it’s your windscreen wipers. Good visibility is highly necessary to avoid road accidents. When parking your car, make sure to pull your wiper blades up or away from the windshield. This prevents the build-up of ice on the blades.

Ensure to also turn them off, so they won’t automatically start right away when you start up your vehicle. Getting stuck to the windshield by ice can tear your wipers off. Another tip is to use old tube socks to cover those precious wipers. Make sure to also clean your windshield using ice scrapers – not with your wiper blades!

  1. Check car nethers

Cars these days are typically equipped with low-hanging air dams and underbody panels, which are said to either save fuel or improve aerodynamics. But due to their location, they are exposed to damage.  For example, constantly driving over snowdrift can eventually rip off your panel. In addition to that, a damaged undercarriage can also lead to steering problems or even degrade your vehicle’s value.

That said, don’t forget to check under your car and see if there’s anything loose. It’s also recommended to regularly wash your undercarriage to remove any grime or dirt accumulation. Consider taking your vehicle to car wash services as most of them have special machinery for underbody panel washing.

  1. Wax or clean your lights

Another factor that will help you have good visibility during the harsh winter is your lights. Check the condition of your car’s lighting systems, especially those headlamps and taillights. Keep your exterior lights clean and clear, which can be easily done with the use of soap and water.

Don’t forget to also polish and wax them once they dry off using the right product and a clean microfiber cloth. In case you noticed blown bulbs or cracked lenses, have them replaced before taking the car for a drive.

Survey your antifreeze

If you’ve been following your scheduled car service, you can give this tip a pass. But if you usually skip those maintenance schedules, you might want to check your engine coolant. It keeps your engine cool during summer and acts as antifreeze during winter.

Basically, the coolant liquid present in your vehicle prevents the engine from jamming or freezing up when temperatures drop. In other words, such fluid is the one keeping your engine’s temperature optimum and regulated. Make sure your coolant levels are always up to the required mark. The standard recommendation for this is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water.

Proper car winter maintenance is the key to preventing any road accidents and breakdowns. Plus, keeping your car in the best working condition will also allow you to save money. Buying new wipers or battery is definitely more expensive than shelling out a small amount of cash to winter-proof your car. Not confident in doing any of the above-mentioned tips yourself? Just find the best local car service and you’re good to go.

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