Debunking Myths About Tankless and Traditional Hot Water Heaters

Do tankless hot water heaters save money or produce instant hot water? In this video, the Twins Home Experts reference their over 30 years of experience to debunk three myths about tankless water heaters.

Myth 1: tankless water heater provides instant hot water. Well, it doesn’t, they claim, noting that the water has to first travel inside the heat exchanger.

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Further, if a fixture, such as a kitchen or bathroom, is located further away, there’s a delay of up to 15 seconds, depending on the volume and water demand. The solution: install a recirculating pump.

Myth 2: one saves more money using tankless water. According to The Twin Experts, a tankless water heater is more expensive to buy and install, so it’s not a great choice if one’s goal is to save on energy. To get the hot water heaters with the highest ROI requires calculating the cost of installing each and the energy savings.

Myth 3: A tankless water heater doesn’t require maintenance. In practice, the Twins Home Experts contend that if one lives in a hot water environment and doesn’t maintain their tankless water heater, they’ll reduce its lifespan to five or six years. The Twins Experts assert that every appliance requires maintenance, and a tankless water heater isn’t an exception, although one can install a pre-water filter, a water conditioner, and a flushing isolation kit to minimize the need for maintenance.


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